Learn about Culvert Inventories in Northern Wisconsin at the Fall Meeting

Speakers Melanie Kohls and Hayden Elza will present on the Wisconsin Coastal-Management Data Infrastructure (WICDI) project. With funding from NOAA, the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, and the State Cartographer’s Office at UW-Madison, the presentation will cover combining a mapping community of practice with an innovative digital collaborative environment to improve coastal hazard planning and policy development. WICDI’s main goals are to create and maintain a culvert mapping community of practice (CoP); to set up a collaborative support environment (CSE) where CoP members can use tools and share data; and to use the CoP and the CSE to improve Wisconsin’s culvert mapping approach, datasets, and efforts.

Don’t miss this great presentation at the Fall Regional Meeting in Bayfield – October 24-25, 2019. Register now to attend the WLIA meeting in October!

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