Developing a 3DEP Plan for Wisconsin

Jim Giglierano, Wisconsin’s Geographic Information Officer, will be discussing the development of a Three Dimensional Elevation Program (3DEP) Plan for Wisconsin at our Fall Regional Meeting.  Jim’s discussion on will take place on Thursday afternoon on October 24th and will focus on three main items.  The availability of federal funding available through 3DEP, achieving Quality Level 2 coverage (QL2) and providing the public free access to large elevation data sets.  Jim will also look beyond filling in the remaining holes in QL2 data coverage and also spend some time with a focus on the future.  This part of the discussion will involve the development of plans for repeat data acquisition of higher accuracy and resolution as well as future 3DEP opportunities which may support topo-bathymetric LIDAR and other pioneering efforts with new technologies. 

Jim Giglierano – GIO, State of WI

“Wisconsin has made good progress collecting high quality elevation data.  The primary factor has been the availability of funding from the federal 3 Dimensional Elevation Program (3DEP) and the willingness of county land information programs to provide the local share of the acquisition cost.  Other parties have also contributed significant resources so that last Winter we celebrated first time statewide LIDAR coverage. While this was an encouraging milestone by itself, 3DEP has a national goal of complete US coverage with Quality Level 2 by 2023, and counted this way, only about 60% of state has this level of data.” – Jim Giglierano

Don’t miss this great presentation at the Fall Regional Meeting in Bayfield – October 24-25, 2019. Register now to attend the WLIA meeting in October!

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