On the Scene Reporting: MUGG Meeting a Success!

The Municipal GIS Users Group met on September 27th, hosted by the City of West Allis. The room was completely full, and it wasn’t just because of the delicious refreshments. The 50 attendees were treated to a morning filled with a variety of speakers on topics ranging from drone capabilities, to water and sewer projects, to Esri technology discussions, such as ArcPro and Survey123.

Andy Bartell from the City of Sheboygan explains the transition to ArcPro

If you missed the meeting, no worries. Links to the video recordings are on the MUGG page of the WLIA website here. If you’re not on the notification list yet, you can get directions on how to sign on there as well.

The WLIA Annual Conference does have a Municipal Track, so if you work for a municipality and have an exicting project or a technical solution to share, consider speaking by submitting an abstract. We can’t have a Municipal Track without you!

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