Amendment of Wisconsin Act 184 Heads to Governor’s Desk

Senate Bill 60 to amend and affect 2017 Wisconsin Act 184, regarding the time frame for reports for sexually violent persons petitioning for supervised release and the placement of sexually violent persons (SVP) on supervised release was enrolled on November 12th. The bill had bi-partisan support and will now head to Governor Tony Evers for consideration. This bill was also known as Assembly Bill 55 and was a bill that the WLIA legislative committee had been tracking.

The bill removes the existing distance requirements for placement of an SVP. Now the county shall “consider the factors” of the “distance” between the SVP placement and school premises, child care facilities, public parks, places of worship, youth centers, nursing homes or assisted living facilities and properties where a child’s primary residence exists. The county reporting requirements are also extended from 120 days following court order to determine a location of placement to 180 days. In addition the loophole which allowed for placement of some individuals outside their county of residence will be closed.

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