WLIA Map Contest: A Place to share great Posters and Processes!

The WLIA’s Map Contest is famous among Wisconsin mappers as a place to display and admire visually stunning maps. However, what hasn’t been seen as frequently in recent years are maps and posters that explain the GIS-based processes that are vital to the success of government units, businesses, researchers, and others. With the 2020 Map Contest, we hope to see more of this great work!

To give more recognition to these critical products across Wisconsin’s mapping community, we have re-branded the Map Poster category:

Mapping Poster: Informative and interesting presentation that highlights innovative geospatial projects or processes.

This revised definition for Mapping Posters is intended to encourage mappers to share maps and documentation of geospatial processes that are important to the success of mapping teams and the folks they serve.

Examples of different types of mapping posters are included below. If you have a project that you think qualifies, but is still “outside the box” of what we show below, please register it in the Map Contest or contact Colter Sikora with your project!

Mission-Critical Maps, Map Credit: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (Link to Sample):

Workflow Documentation, Map Credit: Applegate (Link to Sample):

Geospatial Analysis, Map Credit: Curran, Gumtow, Pichler Galarneau, Stantec (Link to Sample):

Academic Research, Map Credit: Tian (Link to Sample):

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