Session Highlight: Applications of Remote Sensing in Land Management and Ecological Restoration

2020 is a big year for imagery acquisition in Wisconsin. But after you get it, what can you do with it? And why are there so many different types of imagery? Join Dr. Fugui Wang with Applied Ecological Services (AES), Inc. on Thursday, February 20 at 3:00 at the 33rd Annual WLIA Conference as he gives a brief introduction of the principles and various types of remote sensing technologies with a concentration on introducing real-world applications employed by AES, Inc. over the last 10 years. The presentation will focus on applications of remote sensing for common land management and ecological restoration decision making, and touch on the methods to process and interpret high spatial resolution (6 to 12 inches) multispectral aerial and satellite images to create products which inform decision-making for land management. Discussion will also include incorporating and combining secondary data sets with optical remote sensing such as drone based imagery, radar, LiDAR, and terrestrial laser scanning to create products which are not possible on their own

Other Imagery Sessions Include:
Thursday, February 20

  • 10:30 – 11:00 Aerial Acquisition Mission Planning
  • 2:00 – 2:30 WROC 2020 Program Update

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