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If you haven’t signed up to come to the annual conference yet it’s not too late.  It’s also not too late to sign up for workshops.  Perhaps you have decided to travel to the conference a day earlier because you are carpooling?  Maybe a couple days before-hand imposing incoming weather gets you thinking I should beat the snowstorm.  It won’t be too late and we still have many offerings with low instructor to participant levels so you will be able to ask questions and get answers. You can still sign up and add a workshop!

Consider coming a day early and attending Mapping Technology for GIS Applications – Comparing UAS, Photogrammetry, and LiDARMatt Vinopal and Zach Nienow of Ayres Associates will compare three approaches for acquiring geospatial data for site specific projects.  Matt and Zach have the experience to share best practices and appropriate approaches to achieve desired outcomes.  Knowledge gained from this workshop will help you determine the most effective course of action to make your desired projects become a reality.

Perhaps you are still working on updating the framework or backbone of your base data?  If so perhaps Following Footsteps: A Monumental Effort by Dean Roth and Peter Strand of Eau Claire County will be of interest.  Monuments are used to identify the boundaries of property throughout this great nation.  Those monuments represent a fascinating glimpse into the conditions, methods, tools and people involved in placing them.  If you are interested in a topic sprinkled with surveying, history, geography, and law, this might be perfect for you.  We can’t overlook the importance of the monuments in this digital world.

Other workshops for you to take in on Workshop Wednesday Afternoon are, Integrating Collector and Related Tables, GIS Programming with R, Creating Dashboards with Configurable Apps, and Parcel Management in Pro: What’s Changing?  So consider making the trip a day earlier and joining us on Workshop Wednesday then later check out and enjoy our premier social event, Casino Night Round 2 – We’ve Upped our Game!

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