WLIA Seeks Nominations for Association President

For personal reasons and to make time for the next chapter in his career, Tony Van Der Wielen recently informed the WLIA board he will not be taking the reins as president of our association.  Tony is the current president-elect/conference committee chair; a position he will hold through the conclusion of the 2020 Annual Conference.  We owe Tony a debt of gratitude for planning the amazing conference that will take place February 19-21.  In light of Tony’s pending resignation, the WLIA Board recently adopted the process that will be used to seat the person that will fill the remainder of Tony’s term.

Although the association’s by-laws provide a clear process when a director resigns and for TEMPORARY absences of the president, there is NO process for when a president-elect, president or past president resigns – expect to see a by-law amendment up for a vote at the 2021 conference.  Without a guiding policy, the board did the best it could to create a process that was accessible, transparent and could be conducted within a timeline that minimizes the impact on board activity.

As the first step in that process, we are seeking nominations for the position of association president.  Nominations will be accepted until 12:00 pm on February 19, 2020.  Submit your nominations on the WLIA Website.

  • Consistent with the usual requirements for association president, nominees must be current members in good standing AND have previously served at least two years on the WLIA board.  The history of past board members is available on the WLIA website.
  • This nomination is for association PRESIDENT and will serve the remainder of Tony’s unexpired term.  The successful nominee will NOT serve a year as president-elect/conference committee chair.
  • This is a 3-year commitment: 1 year as president, 1 year as past president and 1 year as president of the WLIA Foundation.
  • The 2020 board retreat is tentatively scheduled for April 2-3 and it is expected the successful nominee for president will be able to attend the retreat.
  • Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged.

This call for nominations is separate from and will have no impact on the board elections currently taking place.  If you have not already voted in that election, you are encouraged to do so.  All members were sent an e-mail with voting instructions and a unique link to vote.  Contact Ann Barrett if you did not receive that e-mail.  The president-elect and 6 director candidates with the most votes in that election will take their respective positions on the board following our usual process.

The board will continue to provide information as it becomes available in a situation where WLIA finds itself without precedent or policy.  Your elected board is committed to ensuring the business of the association continues and any disruption is minimal.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Peter Strand, WLIA President

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