Introducing Megan Banaski – 2019 Damon Anderson Memorial Scholarship Winner

Megan Banaski

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

Megan Graduated in December 2019 with a major in Geography, minors in GIS/Spatial Analysis, GISc and Computer Information Systems and GIS Professional and Cartography certificates.  Megan was recently hired by Esri as a National Government Solution Engineer on the Intelligence team. In this position she works with account managers and customers to create demonstrations and solutions for geospatial problems.

Other experience includes an internship at the USDA Forest Service where she collected and organized land and mineral ownership of parcels in the Wayne National Forest (Ohio) as well as field checking the condition of oil and gas wells. As a GIS and Mapping intern at TDS Telecommunications, Megan updated the TDS customer address database and had the chance to add and update the location of fiber networks and power lines as they were added to the TDS network.

Megan started at UWSP as a Geoscience major and one the required courses was an introduction to GIS course. A few weeks in she was sold and knew that GIS was what she wanted to do for her career. Megan “quickly switched over to Geography and focused on GIS and Cartography along with computer science to get the most out of a career in the geospatial field.”

When not at school or work, Megan enjoys curling, biking, and exploring the area she is living in. Megan was president of the Curling Association of UWSP for two years and led her collegiate team to a national victory in 2018!

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