Meet Your New Board Members

The WLIA ballot for Board of Directors was filled with so much talent this year, wasn’t it? Thanks to all who put themselves out there and ran. We hope that those who didn’t get the opportunity will keep contributing and try again because while we may run out of spots in a given year, we never run out of work.

With that said, we would like to introduce you to our six new board members who will be starting their two year term this year. Please join us in congratulating Bryan Meyer, Kimberly Christman, Sandy Disrud, Colter Sikora, Laurel Hanson, and Shelley Witte.

President-Elect Carmen

Along with our President-Elect Carmen Novak, these fresh faces are sure to inject lots of new ideas and enthusiasm. For a full lineup of our board this year, go to our Board of Director page, where you can get contact information for all of the Committee Chairs if you’d like to help!

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