2020 Spring Regional Meeting Questionnaire

The WLIA Board of Directors is requesting that members please take a survey to indicate their interest or ability to attend the 2020 Spring Regional Meeting. The Board has been monitoring the situation surrounding the Novel Coronavirus, now known as, COVID-19, and potential impacts to our membership. We ask that you take a moment to respond to this quick questionnaire in order for the Board to get a handle on our membership’s perception. Member input, combined with the latest facts, will help us as we determine our next course of action.

The WLIA Spring Regional Meeting scheduled for June 4th & 5th was to be a joint meeting with the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association (WRDA). If our meeting were scheduled for today it would not be taking place due to the Governor’s Order Prohibiting Mass Gatherings.  The Spring Conference Committee is meeting with the WRDA later this week to discuss the fate of this meeting. At their most basic, our options are to continue to plan a traditional meeting, turn our efforts towards a virtual meeting, or cancel the Spring Meeting all together.

A link to the survey can be found below. Stay healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Tuned.


Jeremiah Erickson

-WLIA President


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