Join WLIA on Slack for COVID-19 Discussion

WLIA has started a Slack channel on a brand new workspace for sharing resources and GIS knowledge regarding the COVID-19 response. We hope it becomes a valuable place to share tips, helpful websites, how-tos, and how GIS is helping the response in your area. If we find this is a well-received tool, creating more channels for SIGs and other special interest areas is a possibility!

For those unfamilliar with Slack, it’s kind of like a chat room in the old days. (Get off my lawn.) For a quick tutorial, start here.

Click on the invite link here to get started. Once you sign-up/sign-in, you will automatically be added to the #covid19responsechat_public channel for now since it’s the only one we have besides the default general channels. If you have a general question about Slack, feel free to post it in the #General channel and some of our more experienced users will help!

Keep in mind that this is a public channel visible by whoever joins. No HIPAA information and no shenanigans, please. Fill out your profile with at least your full name so we all know who we’re talking to.

Stay safe and stay well everyone.

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