Panda Consulting and Fairview Industries Partner for free ArcPro Webinar

Frank Conkling of Panda Consulting and Nancy von Meyer of Fairview Industries are offering a free webinar on parcel editing in ArcGIS Pro on April 9th at 3-4:30 EST (that’s 2-3:30 for most of us central-timers).

This webinar is designed to familiarize ArcMap users with the basic set up and editing tools in ArcGIS Pro. Many of you have seen the demonstrations, but this webinar is designed to get down to the brass tacks of editing. What to do when you first open ArcGIS Pro, what do you see and how do you begin. This will be an interactive webinar with questions and chat available.  A sample data set will be available before the webinar, or carve a subset of your own data and follow along as they set up an ArcPro project and demonstrate editing tasks.

The sesson will be recorded to refer back when things get back to normal. Sign up for the series at the link below and contact Frank Conkling at for more information.

Sign up for this Seminar Series

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