Coming April 29: How to do Map Stuff! – Creative Workshops

Community is one of the greatest perks of being a mapper, and one of the things we need to work to maintain in these days of pandemic, as part of WLIA and other groups. Daniel Huffman, a regular WLIA Map Contest entrant and winner, is rallying a large swath of the cartographic community to share mapping techniques on Wednesday April 29th in an event known as How to do Map Stuff!

This web conference will run from 11 a.m.-8 p.m., so plan ahead to sleep in and make a relaxed educational day (or part of a day) out of it! Click here for the How to do Map Stuff Schedule.

This online workshop features over twenty presentations from mappers all over the technology spectrum, from using ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online, to pushing your creative envelope with QGIS and Mapbox! Among the speakers and topics are:

Kenneth Field (2019 WLIA Conference Keynote Speaker): Thematic mapping: This is my truth, tell me yours” – How many maps can you make with one dataset? The answer is a lot and there’s no right or wrong. I’ll rifle through a whole slew of thematic map types from the common to the bizarre, and explore the data considerations, opportunities, constraints and common pitfalls. The intent is to show how the map mediates the message and choosing the right map, and making it right are vital to sharing the message you intend.”

Albert Nieto: Wrangling Data and Visualizing Patterns with Python and GIS – “ Every map relies on wrangled data, and spatial analysis often starts with a little (or a ton of) data exploration. I’d like to share a few examples using Python and Jupyter Notebooks to wrangle election participation data, as well as running a few exploratory methods in ArcGIS Pro. But really, I just want to chat with folks and reconnect.”

Several University of Wisconsin System alumni will also be giving talks:

Sarah Bell: Shorelines & Color Palettes: 2 Map design tricks in Illustrator

Daniel Huffman: Fundamentals of Label Placement

Vanessa Knoppke-Wetzel: Recreating Vintage Map Aesthetics

Dylan Moriarty: Textures & Patterns

Ross Thorn: Creating an Interactive Fantasy Map

Map Credit: Daniel Huffman

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