Spring Regional Meeting Announcement

The Wisconsin Land Information Association’s Spring Education Committee has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation for quite some time.  Numerous weeks ago it became obvious that having a traditional in-person meeting was not in the cards.  This was especially sad as it was to be a joint meeting with the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association (WRDA).  Through the responses we got in our quick poll as well as gauging interest through members of the WRDA it was clear that even if through some miracle things were to get back to normal we would not have attendance numbers large enough to host a meeting.

You may wonder why we didn’t officially pull the plug with an announcement a few weeks ago and there are a couple of reasons, first we needed to review our contractual obligations with the host venue, second we pondered if perhaps hosting a virtual meeting would be an alternative that people would be interested in and would we have individuals willing to present, and third we had not officially opened up our registrations as typically would have occurred by now anyway. We are hoping to forge ahead and have that joint meeting that we planned on with the WRDA in the Spring of 2021.

In the meantime we still are accepting abstracts for presentations.  We are investigating some different methods for delivery of our meeting and may still have it at the regularly scheduled time and date.  The WLIA Board of Directors are meeting on Wednesday April 15th and will decide on whether we host a Virtual Spring Meeting or if we choose to wait and modify or expand our Fall Regional Meeting.  It is hard to know exactly how everything will unfold going forward and exactly when our communities will be most dramatically impacted but we are on this and we will get through this together as an organization.  We have some great ideas and we are excited about some of the opportunities we may be able to provide and exposure to potential new members.

I hope that you all stay healthy, stay safe, and stay tuned.


Jeremiah Erickson – President

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