WLIA Launches Open Wisconsin Business Map & Survey

I would like to announce that the WLIA has just launched the Open Wisconsin Business Map, a crowdsourced map for public use that will report on businesses current hours of operation and what services are currently provided to their local communities.  The map displays information that is consumed via local web services as well as information harvested from the Open Wisconsin Business Survey, a WLIA GeoForm, which can be shared to anyone and even allows individuals to attach current menus and additional information for patrons. 

The WLIA Map and GeoForm were edited by Colter Sikora utilizing the WLIA AGOL account which has been donated to the WLIA the last two years by ESRI.  This map would not have been possible without the trailblazing work done by counties such as Bayfield and the Public Service Commission whom provided the pattern and knowledge that the GeoForm and map application were based upon. This also goes for the beta testing efforts of other local GIS outfits such as Rusk County and web services provided by locales such as Racine County, Sauk County, and the City of Wisconsin Rapids.  These are just a few of the many locations who have provided efforts to report open businesses and services to their communities.  Whether you developed a full blown web site or aggregated links to other reporting sources your efforts are appreciated and we would be interested in learning more about them.  Additional web services will be consumed when provided.  If you have a service to share please contact Colter Sikora, and we can try to make it work.

This is an opportunity for the Wisconsin Land Information Community to rise to the occasion and prove again the value of our efforts.  All time spent on the development of this page was done on free time.  It is based on crowd sourced data and meant to be consumed by the general public.  I encourage you to share the Survey to local units of government, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Corporations and other business related organizations.  Go ahead and fill out information yourself if you wish to provide information pertaining to businesses you own or support.  It is there for anyone.  Because it is crowdsourced we are of course protecting ourselves with a disclaimer, if you feel that disclaimer could be improved we welcome your input.  The rest is crowdsourced why not the disclaimer too!

The Open Wisconsin Businesses Map and Survey are both for sharing so please do so… https://arcg.is/1KT8vO (map)https://arcg.is/04810f (survey)

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