Spring Virtual Meeting Speakers Announced

We’ve got an exciting lineup of programming for our first Virtual Meeting. While we get the final details ironed out, here’s a peek at the speakers and topics that we’ll be covering at our FREE meeting:

The first day, June 3rd, will be our Virtual Workshop Day. Topics will be three hours long and interactive.

  • What would a WLIA meeting be without parcel talk? Frank Conkling of Panda Consulting joins us once again, this time to discuss the differences between the previous ArcMap Parcel Fabric and the new ArcGIS Parcel Fabric. This three-hour interactive workshop will demonstrate limitations and advantages, and delve into best practices.
  • Also offering a workshop is Sarah Rollins of Datamark. NG9-1-1 will continue to be an evolving landscape in Wisconsin and Datamark has had some great presentations in the past. Join her as she covers the nuts and bolts of GIS data in NG9-1-1. Discuss the impacts of GIS on NG9-1-1 and the functions that rely on your data, and then get in the weeds by discussing the value of validations, identifying GIS anomolies that might interfere with NG9-1-1 functions, and what are the best practices for data remediation.

Join us again on June 4th for a wide variety of topics. These are typical presentations that you might see at a WLIA conference at around sixty minutes each including the opportunity for questions at the end. There will be breaks in between each session.

  • Melanie Kohls, Outreach Specialist for the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, will give an update on the WICDI project, which aims to establish a Wisconsin Coastal-Management Data Infrastructure. A recent survey has served to bring the project closer to having a standardized model for collecting and maintaing culvert data.
  • Richard Wohler of GPI will explain how Laser Scanning and 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) is utilized for Airport Design, Construction, and Facilities Management Projects.
  • Paul Wickman from RESPEC is going to take us into the fascinating realm of Edge Computing. See how sensors in the environment can combine with human collection with the devices we all carry already, transforming data and analysis into faster, actionable insights.
  • Andy King-Scribbins of Esri will continue the Parcel Fabric discussion with some key takeaways for those who are thinking of converting to the ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric. Discuss considerations for architecture, administration, data prep, and tools, training, and tips that can assist you throughout the process.
  • Ryan Squires and the whole LTSB gang will give a light version of the WISE-LR training sessions to prepare you for Redistricting in 2021.

Finally, on Friday the 5th, pop in to a Virtual SIG! We’ll have differnet times set aside for many of the Special Interest Groups as a place to share and collaborate.

We will have instructions and time slots available soon so that you can plan your virtual experience. We want to thank everyone who volunteered to speak at our first Virual Meeting and hope that many of you can join us for as much as you can.

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