Redistricting Pilot Program – Register Now!

The Legislative Technology Services Bureau’s GIS team invites you to register and join the Local Redistricting Pilot Program for the State of Wisconsin. The Pilot Program opens up the local redistricting software, known as “WISE-LR”, to be tested while also allowing for condensed coordination among counties and municipalities.

To register, please click here:

The Pilot Program is an opportunity to train for local redistricting in 2021. The Pilot has a reduced timetable of three 14-day stages to allow for a busy clerk schedule: 

  • June 1 – June 14, 2020:   Stage 0 & 1 – Census Block Verification and County Supervisory Districts
  • June 15 – June 28, 2020: Stage 2 – Municipal Ward Plans
  • June 29 – July 12, 2020:  Stage 3 – Reconciliation of Supervisory Districts and Municipal Wards, Draw Aldermanic Districts

Please note that the actual local redistricting process will kick-off once the Census data is delivered in 2021 and will consist of three 60-day stages. 

Additional details and instructions for the Pilot Program will be provided to participants. The GIS team at LTSB will also be available to help with the processes and WISE-LR software.

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