Workshop Highlights at the Spring Virtual Meeting

Two amazing workshops will be offered as part of the WLIA Spring Virtual Meeting, taking place on Wednesday, June 3rd. Don’t miss these free learning opportunities, which are available to all!

The morning workshop, “Parcel Mapping Differences between ArcMap Parcel Fabric and ArcGIS Parcel Fabric,” will be hosted by Frank Conkling of Panda Consulting. This workshop will take place Wednesday, 6/3 from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

With the introduction of the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric, the techniques and procedures used to accurately maintain parcels have changed. This workshop shall review the differences between the two approaches, exploring each for limitations and advantages, and demonstrate best practices for efficiently and accurately maintaining parcels in the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric.

The afternoon workshop, “Solving the GIS Puzzle in NG9-1-1,” will be presented by Sarah Rollins of Datamark. This workshop will take place Wednesday, 6/3 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.

This workshop is going to cover the nuts and bolts of GIS data in NG9-1-1. We’ll discuss the impacts of GIS on NG9-1-1 and the functions that rely on your data. And then, we’re getting in the weeds by discussing the value of validations, identifying GIS anomalies that might interfere with NG9-1-1 functions, and what are the best practices for data remediation.

Spring Virtual Meeting registration links are available! Go over to the Spring Regional Page for important details. The agenda is available on Sched too for more complete descriptions and presenter profiles. We hope you will join us!

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