Make a Fun Map for WLIA’s Virtual Map Gallery!

Quarantining is hard. Getting out of quarantine is hard too.

Have a little fun with the quarantine situation and use your imagination to record your lock down or map out your next big plans! WLIA is making a virtual map gallery to highlight your stories and dreams through maps at the Virtual Spring Regional! Anyone can submit maps; tell your colleagues and creative friends and family!

On Thursday, June 4th, at 1:15 p.m. Colter Sikora and Grace White will present your maps during the virtual lunch hour. Be sure to register and tune in via our GoTo Webinar! Maps will also be posted on a Google Drive afterwards.

All you have to do get your map featured is:

1. Pick a theme (or make a map of each theme):

  • Map Your Lock-Down: Examples: Your Work From Home space, neighborhood, errands route, or anything that applies to your experience in quarantine.
  • Map Your Lock-Down Escape: Examples: The first people you want to see again, the first restaurant you want to revisit, that big vacation you want to take now, etc.

2. Make your Map/s!

3. Scan and Submit your Map/s – Scan or take a legible photo of the map and send it to and by Thursday, June 4th at 12 Noon.

Send any questions or comment to Grace and Colter! Be and stay well!

Map Credit: Colter Sikora

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