Thanks to Our Platinum Sponsors!

Without the support of our generous platinum sponsors, WLIA would not be able to put on the wonderful annual conference. Our platinum sponsors continue the support throughout the year by also sponsoring the spring and fall regional meetings. Sponsors are greatly appreciated and we would like to take a moment and highlight our platinum sponsors. Once again, thank you!

With a team of 300+ innovative problem-solvers nationwide, Ayres Associates stands with integrity behind thousands of projects that strengthen communities and our country’s infrastructure, economy, and environment.

Clients notice our project managers’ ability to translate and transform every detail into actionable, understandable, smoothly coordinated pieces of a successful project. Side-by-side with our client partners, our project managers serve as the confident, communicative navigators at the helm of each project.

Their tools and expertise include geospatial, civil and municipal engineering, transportation, structural design and inspection, river engineering and water resources, architecture, landscape architecture, environmental, planning and development, and telecommunications and SUE.

GPI Geospatial, Inc. is a premier provider of geospatial solutions. Our mission is to map the foundation for infrastructure improvements that enhance the connectivity between people and communities. It’s our vision to be the most trusted provider of precision mapping, imagery, LiDAR, and surveying services within the transportation, planning, design, construction, and government communities.

We provide innovative surveying and mapping solutions to state, local and federal government agencies, as well as private-sector clients. Our team understands the value and precision of geospatial data and is committed to providing a customized approach using state-of-the-art sensors, software, and methods to deliver accurate and complete information for design and planning purposes.

GPI owns and operates multiple aircraft and vehicles equipped with imagery and LiDAR sensors, providing customized solutions for our clients from the air, ground or mobile platforms. Our dedicated professional team consistently meets the highest standards which ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

GRAEF is a consulting engineering firm with full service team of GIS Professionals. The GIS team encompasses all facets of GIS including data development, data conversions, mapping, needs assessments, implementation planning, systems design and systems development.

We work in desktop, mobile and cloud environments. We have developed a cloud based asset management GIS based system called InfiniteGIS. GRAEF works with all types of organizations, including public clients (communities, towns, counties, state agencies and federal agencies) and private clients (commercial, industrial and individuals). We assist anyone with any GIS from small to large, from simple to complex and from maps to systems.

For more information and registration links, be sure to visit our Spring Virtual Meeting page.

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