Top Ten Tips for Enjoying the Spring Virtual Meeting

Since this is our first virtual meeting, here’s some helpful hints for getting the most out it:

  1. Remember to sign up for each session you are interested in, unless otherwise noted on the Spring Virtual Meeting page. This will allow you to get the link you need to join each webinar.
  2. Download the GoToWebinar app before the meeting and make sure you know how to adjust your audio. (You can also join within a web browser if you can’t download the app.)
  3. The dial-in telephone numbers provided as an alternative to computer audio will not allow you to talk back, but you will be able to listen via the phone. By default, attendees will enter in “listen only mode”.
  4. Questions can be asked either way you listen by typing them in the Question box. In most sessions, these questions will be answered at the end of each presentation as time allows, just like the in-person meeting.
  5. If you plan on jumping in and out during a session or need to pivot to another task, it’s much better to mute the session and stay in because the link is only good for three entries as a security measure.
  6. There will be a fifteen minute break between each individual presentation on Thursday morning and afternoon. However, if you want to stick around, there will be some fun facts and polls going by until the next session starts!
  7. Do you like to doodle during webinars? Doodle a COVID map and submit it to the WLIA Map Gallery to be featured during the meeting…then get back to doodling your notes!
  8. We can’t have an on-line raffle (legally), but you can still donate to the Damon Anderson Memorial Scholarship fund. Donate here to put some good into the world!
  9. Join us for the Happy Hour hosted by Panda Consulting and the WLIA Trivia Night! Say hi to your WLIA friends and test your wits for fabulous prizes from our Platinum Sponsors. Thanks to GPI, GRAEF, and AYRES for donating.
  10. Prepare your area for solid content viewing. Coffee and water? Check. Snacks? Check and check. Kids watching their favorite and also really long movie? Check! We hope to see you all at some of our sessions and events starting Wednesday!

For a full listing of information and registration links, go to our Spring Virtual Meeting Page.

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