Spring Virtual Meeting Roundup

We hope many of you enjoyed the Spring Virtual Meeting last week. We of course want to thank a lot of people, but most of all, we want to thank YOU, the attendee for joining us! Check out the YouTube Spring Virtual Playlist for selected recordings of the presentations and SIGs – share with colleagues, revisit a topic, or check it out for the first time if you couldn’t make our live event.

First, we wanted to mention that between a large private donation and the raffle-sized donations, we raised $1,060 for the WLIA Foundation. The form is still up if you would like to donate, just click here. We still need your help to continue to provide scholarships for tomorrow’s land information leaders!

Wednesday morning, we had 50 people check out Panda Consulting’s workshop about the Esri Parcel Fabric, old vs new. In the afternoon, Datamark’s NextGen 911 workshop drew 57 attendees to see how they might prepare for what’s next.

Thursday had so much good stuff – the morning took 85 people on a journey from culvert data modeling and collection from WICDI and friends, a fascinating look at indoor BIM collection from GPI, and a virtual ride through Edge Computing and sensor data collection by RESPEC.

The afternoon started off with what we’re now calling the “Colter and Grace Show” and their tour through a Virtual Map Gallery of hand-drawn quarantine maps, both of the hunkering down and the escape variety. After that was a look at Esri Parcel Fabric migration considerations by Esri and a great overview of LTSB’s redistricting software, WISE-LR. We had 75 attendees join us.

Later, we kicked back and enjoyed a chat with 25 friends at Panda Consulting’s virtual happy hour, and after that, a cut-throat trivia match among 18, where our own Shelly Witte of DPI (Fastest Typer in Wisconsin) narrowly edged out Dan Johnston of WI-DOT. Shout out to our Platinum Sponsors for the great prizes!

Friday saw a continued amount of enthusiasm as MUGG, SAGIC, and WI Women in GIS all had 20-30 attendees each. Many great conversations were had and lots of great information shared. (Note that since SAGIC was more “presentation style”, this is the only SIG that will appear on the YouTube channel. Check it out, it’s a good one.)

Thanks to all who donated their time, their resources, their expertise. We couldn’t have done it without you. Stay tuned for announcements about our next event, the Fall Regional Meeting, October 15-16, 2020.

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