News Roundup

We hope everyone is staying cool and healthy so far this summer. Here’s a few news bites from around the industry – keeping it short this week so you can get back to enjoying our Wisconsin summer before it disappears once again!

The GIS Certification Institute is on the hunt for a new Executive Director after Bill Hodge announced his retirement plans after a decade of leadership for the GISP program. The position is posted here for any curious on-lookers who have been involved in the GISP program over the years.

Some of you have attended previous GIS Leadership Summits or presentations at the Esri User Conference. This year, like everything else, they’re going virtual on July 28th-29th. See the line-up at and check out the free and paid versions. It looks like they’re still hammering out details, so keep watching.

Along those lines, if you missed it a while back and are inspired to further discover ways to jump start your program or career, our own WLIA superstar Jen Borlick was involved in an episode of a webinar series called “GIS Awareness and Engagement – GIS Peer Success“. It’s part of a very extensive list of speakers, and you can find the whole playlist here.

The Minnesota GIS/LIS Annual Conference and Workshops are cancelled, but if you look south, ILGIS has moved their Annual Conference virtual this fall. Always interesting to look over the fence to see what the neighbors are up to!

Next week, many of us are gearing up to attend the Esri User Conference remotely. For many of us it was a week of inspiration and education that also involved a lot of fun with our fellow Wisconsin folks. I for one will miss you all as we sit at our desks watching cloud diagrams flash by, but I hope the virtual UC gives others opportunity to participate when they normally wouldn’t get to. Happy conferencing, everyone.

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