Wisconsin Spotted in Many Places at the Virtual Esri UC

I hope many of you got the chance to check out the offerings at the Esri UC this year. While it wasn’t the same as being there, more people got to attend because of its virtual location, and that’s a silver lining. Wisconsin was represented many places:

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on their Special Acheivement in GIS Award! Their Culvert Asset Management Program (CAMP) that achieved greater efficiency and better data display garnered them a spot in the “hall of fame” this year. Read more about their award here and check out their Culvert Maintenance Dashboard in the Map Gallery. Also in the awards list for Wisconsin was the Michels Corporation.

Milwaukee County was one of the featured guests during the Racial Equity and Social Justice Special Interest Group for their work in identifying racial disparities in COVID-19 infection rates and deaths. If you didn’t catch it live, the link above will take you to the replay so you can hear Rae Johnson and Zachary Zwingen of Milwaukee County and Benjamin Weston of the Medical Collge of Wisconsin as they describe both pandemic-related work and work beyond as they strive to erase racial inequities in health care.

Since we have a long tradition of Map Gallery participation, this year was no different. Check out these Wisco entries:

In addition, Sheboygan County’s data was used as part of the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric demo in Tuesday’s Plenary and many of you reported seeing lots of Wisconsin dashboards fly by in Monday’s Plenary. And an old friend, Ian Grasshof was part of a presentation, “AEC Culture Shift: All Geospatial Delivery Should Use a Web-First Approach” as part of his role at HNTB. If there are any more Wisco shout-outs, leave them in the comments.

While as of this writing, Esri didn’t meet their goal of running around the world, it was good to see Wisconsin on the map as part of their Virtual Run/Walk. For those who joined us on Slack, it was really fun to experience the conference together in that way, even though we were apart. I, for one, hope to see you all in person next year. Happy mapping.

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