Summer Message from the President

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I hope that you all have been able to enjoy some of the great Summer weather that we have had. Despite the circumstances this has been a season to get outside and experience open space. Perhaps you have been able to get out of the office, or your spare bedroom in some cases, and it has allowed for some creativity to blossom, which can be applied to the important work that you do.

I, as many of you, were able to experience the ESRI User Conference for the first time, albeit virtually. After being involved with our Spring Virtual Meeting I was able to view what they did through an entirely different perspective than I would have before. I thought about the effort behind the scenes and the methods of sharing presentations and information. Considering that I will give one more shout out to Jason Poser our Spring Education Chair as he worked very hard and put a lot of time and effort into our maiden voyage in presenting our first virtual meeting.

Members of the WLIA Fall Education Committee, under the leadership of Chair Lauree Aulik, have taken what was learned from our Spring Virtual Meeting as well as the ESRI UC to try to bring you a great Fall Virtual Meeting that will try some fresh ideas and provide more of what you enjoyed this Spring. We will be debuting a different platform for our Fall Virtual Meeting (FVM) or Virtual Fall Regional (VFR), sorry we are still working on the branding, this is still new to us. More information will be coming soon and I am excited about our upcoming event.

In the meantime the Annual Conference Committee is hard at work preparing to provide you the best member experience possible in whatever form that conference will take. Ann Barrett our knowledgeable Executive Services Director and Carmen Novak our Annual Conference Chair are putting in a lot of time and effort working with our venue, considering our options, and reviewing our conference budgets. There are a lot of hard decisions that remain, but with their guidance and leadership we are in good hands, and I have no doubt that we will continue to provide our members with valuable content and experiences.

I will also take this time to let you know that there will be a survey entitled Member Salary & Satisfaction Survey that will be released to our membership shortly. This undertaking will provide us with membership demographics, provide some interesting statistics surrounding wages, and is an opportunity for our members to weigh in on any and all things WLIA related. The survey is of course voluntary but I hope that you will consider taking part in it. This is an opportunity for each of you to influence your member experience so amplify the volume of your voice and let your fingers do the talking.

Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay tuned.


Jeremiah Erickson – WLIA President

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