Fall Virtual Spotlight: Land Records Day

This year we have a whole day dedicated to land records information.  We will cover day-to-day workings of the Real Property Lister, how the Register of Deeds office is handling COVID-19 restrictions, what the life span of an easement means to land records, how editing has changed in ArcGIS Pro and what is going on in the state’s Land Information Network.  As a bonus, we’re offering a virtual paint night social to appeal to the creative types in the group.

First up is the Wisconson Real Property Listers Association (WRPLA) business meeting, which is open to anyone to listen in on the inner workings of WRPLA.  Then during a 1-hour panel discussion with Real Property Listers from across the state, come listen in or bring questions for experienced RPLs as they share their knowledge.  An open line of communication is the key to successful business relationships!

After our virtual Let’s Taco Bout It lunch break to socialize or stretch your legs, the afternoon session will kick off with the Register of Deeds presentation titled “Register of Deeds vs COVID19”.  Learn how RODs across the state have adapted to new ways of providing their services with limited to no contact with the public.  The deed must get recorded!  Next up on the list is a presentation by Cheri Hipenbecker titled “Easements:  Unlike the Immortal Jellyfish, They Don’t Live Forever.”  You may have heard about this presentation from earlier this year, and we wanted to listen in on this relevant topic for 2020. 

Switching gears a bit, we are offering a look into what’s new with ArcGIS Pro 2.6 editing with Panda Consulting.  The latest changes have impacted how we edit parcels with or without the fabric in Pro.  The Wisconsin Land Information Officers Network (LION) meeting will follow and is open to anyone interested in what is on the minds of the LIO community and updates on various issues affecting Land Information Offices across the state.

After the day is done, there will be a social event offered through Farmhouse Paint and Sip, a paint-your-own studio that has moved classes on-line.  You can register separately for this event and join in at 7 pm to showcase your creative skills (or not, you choose what the camera sees!).  Or just join in to relax and socialize with others while attempting to paint “a Happy Tree”.  Either way it will be nice way to end the day. Register now to make sure the supplies get to you in time!

For more information about this day and all the fall virtual events, visit the Event page.

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