Fall Virtual Spotlight: The Friday Wrap

Please join us on Friday for our final day of the WLIA Fall Virtual Meeting.  The session topics will focus on NG9-1-1, ArcGIS Hub, and the Cloud.  If you are interested in this or any other days please be sure to sign up for the Fall Virtual Meeting.

At 8 AM we will take flight with The Early Bird Special, a breakfast social event with Equity Advocates (formerly Women in GIS). Find out what they have been working on and what their future plans are.  Bring your coffee and find out how you can be part of those plans.

At 9 AM join us for our first presentation of the day, Addressing: A Practical Guide. Drew Fioranelli, a GIS Public Safety Professional with DATAMARK, will discuss documenting and managing addresses in a GIS environment. Often this more of an art, then science.

At 9:45 AM we will transition to Cloud 101: Taking ArcGIS to the Cloud.  Tyler Prahl of GISinc will introduce the basic considerations and capabilities to be aware of when considering how the cloud can serve your program.  Innovative and cutting-edge examples of cloud computing will be shared.

At 10:15 AM we will stay elevated with Jon Downey, Vice-President and Chief Innovation Officer at Woolpert, as explains how to Shift Your GIS Enterprise to the Geospatial Cloud.  Learn about migration of existing on-premise data and GIS infrastructure to the cloud using “lift-and-shift” methods.  This session will feature projects using Esri ArcGIS Enterprise software, the STREAM:RASTER solution, and machine learning.

At 10:45 AM join us for Empowering Local Government & Communities with ArcGIS Hub.  Kyle Wikstrom, a GIS Solutions Architect with Pro-West & Associates, will focus on how local governments are using Hub to connect communities with information.  Hub allows you to go beyond simple data sharing, engaging users in active collaboration, helping to achieve community aspirations through focused initiatives and measured performances.  This efficiency leads to answers for community and organizational challenges.

At 11:15 AM we will wrap up the day with final announcements, and our Virtual Scavenger Hunt winners will be announced! 

At 11:30 AM the monthly WLIA Board of Directors Meeting will take place.

We hope you will join us on Friday as we close out the 2020 Fall Virtual Meeting.  The entire Fall Virtual Meeting is FREE, but we will still require you to sign up.  Please do so today!

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