Fall Virtual Recap

We did it!  While we won’t be quitting our day jobs anytime soon, we feel comfortable declaring the Fall Virtual Meeting (FVM) a success!  We’d like to put a final shout out to our sponsors and presenters.  Without the high quality content we were able to showcase, and the interactivity that we were able to provide due to our Platinum (Ayres, Graef, GPI), Virtual Platform (ProWest, Seiler, Fidlar, and LandNav), and prize sponsors (Panda Consulting, Ayres, Graef, GPI, Berntsen International, LandNav, Seiler, and DATAMARK), we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off.  High five to WRPLA for their partnership on this event! Finally, thank you so much to everyone who purchased WLIA Swag and/or made a donation to the Foundation. We set a record on fundraising for a regional event!

To recap, here’s some FVM Stats:

  • 333 – Unique Registrations
  • 150 – Max participants (during Land Records Day)
  • 60 – Prizes awarded
  • 30 – Presentations (including SIGs)
  • 13 – Facemasks shipped to Donors (raising $465 for the Foundation –TY!!!)
  • 12 – Social activities
  • 11 hours and 52 minutes – (longest single Zoom meeting)
  • 1 – Crashed Server
  • 0 – Complaints about the meeting temp being too warm or too cold 🙂

Thanks again to everyone on the FVM Team!  Most of this event was one great big experiment, and while your committee chair may have been a bit of an over-achiever, she really appreciates all of the hard work everyone put into this!  Now it’s time to recover, regroup and refocus our efforts on to the Annual!  If you are a presenter, please check out the Call for Abstracts.  If you are a sponsor, details will be released in the near future on how to continue to support WLIA.  If you are someone who enjoyed the FVM and wants to help with the annual (from content to games or social activities), give Carmen Novak, Annual Conference Chair, a shout! Last, but not least, if you want to rewatch any of the FVM presentations, be sure to check out WLIA’s YouTube channel!

Our fun fall logo and I are signing off!
Lauree Aulik, FVM Chair

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