Fall Message from the President

I hope that all of you are healthy and have a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this week which is well earned after many of us saw early snow at some point in October. The beautiful colors of fall are quickly fading away and Winter’s wonder will be upon us again soon enough. Enjoy Fall while you can.

As you may have heard the Wisconsin Land Information Association will be coming to you as a virtual event.  We miss all of you and wish that we could meet in person, but for now we will continue to reach you virtually. From a fiscal standpoint we really had no choice.  For those of you who have never been there or were looking forward to a return expedition to the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center, you will have to wait a couple more years. However, we do plan to return to the venue in the near future.  The Annual Conference Committee is still hard at work pounding out the details of what will surely be a spectacular spatial sensation.  In some ways it may be the most expansive WLIA Annual Conference ever!  You will be able to reach us from anywhere in the world that has internet service. Including your office, your den, your kitchen, that desk in your child’s bedroom, even your ice-fishing shack if you are lucky enough, but I digress.  We will offer more of what you loved at the Fall Virtual Meeting along with some new and exciting features as well. Of course one of the most important aspects of a meeting is delivering quality content and we plan on continuing to do so in the virtual sessions and workshops which we share with you. 

Do you have quality content to share?  Submit a session or workshop abstract!

As I type this on the evening of Election Day 2020, I know that there will be mourning soon for about half of you, more or less, regardless of whether we know tomorrow morning or agonizing weeks from now as some have predicted.  Nothing would say 2020 like a 269-269 electoral college tie right!  Now more than ever our personal values are creeping into all aspects of our lives, including the workplace.  Patriotism takes many different forms for many different people as they exercise their rights and freedom of speech.  If you are like me you have friends who come from all areas of a broad spectrum of views.  Sometimes as an election nears you may shy away from some of those friends because it becomes just too awkward and unbearable.  The workplace, family outings, free time, trips to the mailbox, you name it, can all become uncomfortable.  You might keep your political leanings to yourself or you may be outspoken and debate every last position on every single viewpoint that comes along.  Regardless of your personal political leanings the WLIA is made up of people who consider themselves conservatives, moderates, and liberals alike.  I know this because I have become friends with many of you and plan on continuing to be friends with you.  There is nothing wrong with spirited debate and it happens on occasion between our members, but I have always seen it done with dignity and respect as should be the case.  Something to keep in mind though is people are political and land information is non-partisan.

Following Election Day, whether you raise a glass in agony or victory, or just toss it aside, remember that the information we work with is ones and zeros representing Wisconsin and its people.  The WLIA has accomplished a lot over the decades and we will continue to do so working together personal politics aside.

One Comment on “Fall Message from the President

  1. Very nice letter. Looking forward to the virtual conference experience. All who took part in organizing and conducting the last quarterly virtual meeting did an awesome job.

    Take care and stay safe.

    David Levine