Bylaws may not be the sexiest of topics but they are an extremely important document that defines purpose, responsibilities, rights, requirements and fundamental rules that govern the Association. Bylaws are a legal document protecting the Association in times of conflict. The bylaws of our Association distinguish us from other geospatial/land records conferences and organizations.

The bylaws will be open to review and comment for the next 30 days (January 13th). Email your comments to Past-President Peter Strand. Once the comment period is up, the Board will review and possibly incorporate any suggestions received. The bylaws will then be sent to the membership for a vote to be adopted.

I will outline the two changes below, but I encourage you to download the pdf and read them. (Download Proposed Bylaws)

  • In section 5.2, the term shall has been change to may. This will allow for increased flexibility concerning business meetings at Regional Meetings.
  • In section 6.12, we address the procedure for filling vacant positions of elective officers and board members

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