Conference Highlight: New Member Meeting and Professional Development Track

It’s not just about the maps. (GASP!)

Getting the Most from your WLIA Experience

Are you a new member that has never been to the WLIA Annual Conference? Are you a current member that has been to more than one WLIA Annual Conference? Are you somewhere in between? Do you want to know how to best navigate the virtual platform? If so, have we got the session for you!

Join us on Tuesday, February 16th at 9 am for “Getting the Most from your WLIA Experience.” This session is aimed at new members of WLIA and those that have not participated in an online Annual Conference (that’s all of us.) In it you will take a deep dive into what WLIA is, how to participate, information about the Damon Anderson Memorial Scholarship; as well as how to navigate the virtual platform and find all of the fun things to do! We encourage all members to join us.

Professional Development Track

Join us Friday morning in the Professional Development Track. We will start off the morning with a 2 1/2 hour diversity workshop conducted by Santo Carfora. Santo will help us recognize microaggressions in the workplace and in our daily lives. Microaggressions are subtle, sometimes unintentional, things that we do or say that are discriminatory against historically marginalized groups.

We will also have Eva Reid of Eva Reid Consulting, LLC discuss Building Your Professional Community. Learn what it takes to build a network authentically, keep the network alive, and benefit from all the work that you put into it.

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