Colligo GIS, Inc.

Colligo GIS, Inc.

Making GIS available to those who have a need for a powerful, yet simple and cost-effective solution.

Colligo GIS Representatives:

Gary Hoaglund | GIS Manager

Gary has worked in the construction/engineering/survey field for 33 years and has been dedicated to GIS since 2005. His extensive experience in CAD, civil engineering, surveying, construction inspection and material testing has been invaluable in his GIS career.

Ryan Person | GIS Developer

Ryan has over 23 years’ experience developing software and systems for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. He has expanded his development focus into custom GIS software and systems, including E911 navigation, GIS data collection, asset management and mapping systems.

Kelsey Roble | GIS/Civil Project Manager

Kelsey has nine years of experience in the GIS/engineering field including
experience in CAD, construction inspection, material testing and project

Nick Matonich | GIS Technician

Nick has an extensive background in geospatial and database technologies. For over 3 years, he has contributed his expertise to countless mapping projects including Enhanced/Next Generation 911, land parcels, and overhead/underground utilities. Nick also has the knowledge of integrating various systems into GIS using relational database management systems providing users a complete enterprise experience.

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