GRAEF, Platinum Sponsor

GRAEF, Platinum Sponsor

GRAEF recognizes that GIS can play an essential role in every community. Cartographic services, asset management, community outreach, and accompanying analysis all aid by helping community leaders make informed decisions, produce daily results, and plan for the future.  All of this will save a community money.

GRAEF Representatives:

Jon Schwichtenberg, GISP | CAD Manager/GIS Coordinator | Associate

Jon brings nearly 30 years of experience in Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) related work, with a focus in strategic vision, technology innovation, technical services, and delivering quality projects to clients. Jon is responsible for the development of CADD and GIS at GRAEF, both internally and externally for clients. His experience includes working with local, county, state and federal government agencies, as well as private companies and industries in respect to CADD and GIS. Jon has experience in many aspects of CADD and GIS, including base standardization (libraries, templates, guidelines, etc.), needs assessments, system design and integration, mapping, survey, global positioning systems (GPS), data development, cartography, analysis, database design and implementation, software development, hardware configuration and many other aspects of CADD and GIS.

Scott D. Daniel, GISP | GIS Developer/Specialist

Scott has been a WLIA member since 2001. He has been in the municipal consulting field since 1988 and in 1999 began to specialize in GIS. Scott is experienced in many GIS platforms and programming languages while focused on creating, user-friendly, interactive, web-based GIS asset management applications that provide access to detailed spatial data for local government, the private sector and the public. Scott enjoys photography, home brewing and time with his wife and four children.

Cameron Wein | GIS Specialist

Cameron is a GIS Specialist and graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s post-graduate GIS certificate program. Cameron has provided numerous GIS services for both internal and external clients including services relating to the creation and management of geospatial databases, data acquisition, workflow automation through python scripting, GPS data collection, and cartographic design. His work has spanned across many applications such as environmental, transportation, and utility management at the local, county, and regional level. In addition to providing a wide variety of GIS services he has also utilized his experience with Computer Aided Design to help integrate CAD and GIS together to create comprehensive products and services for clients.

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