The purpose of MiCAMP is to encourage cost-effective and efficient county, city, and township government through the coordinated practical development and utilization of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related technologies. MiCAMP provides a forum for sharing ideas and experiences amongst all Communities in Michigan.

MiCAMP Representatives:

Nathan Fazer | MiCAMP President

Nathan graduated from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI in 2006 with a degree in Community Planning. As the GIS Technician for Midland County, Nathan helps manage the County’s GIS infrastructure (AGOL and Enterprise), provides support to various County Departments, and is a certified FAA UAS Remote Pilot. Nathan has been a MiCAMP member since 2010 and on the MiCAMP Board of Directors since 2011.

Ulrika Zay | Geospatial Outreach Analyst

Ulrika works with the State of Michigan, Center for Shared Solutions.  She has over 25 years of experience working with local, state, and federal government programs and infrastructure improvement projects with a primary focus on environmental impact analysis and interagency coordination. Her current position is focused on outreach for the State’s imagery and lidar program (MiSAIL), interagency coordination, and data sharing.

Everett Root | Outreach Specialist

Everett is with the office of Technology Partnerships, Center for Shared Solutions, Dept. of Technology Management & Budget (DTMB), State of Michigan. He has been in this position since May of 2014 and has been with the State since 1993. All of his time with the State has been in the area of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) starting with the MI Information Center (MIC), then transitioning through the Center for Geographic Information (CGI), and finally with the Center for Shared Solutions (CSS). His current position focuses on relationship management between the State and external customers in the areas of GIS and Information Technology with an emphasis on the State’s imagery and Lidar program, MiSAIL. Everett has a Bachelor of Science degree from MSU in Agriculture (1983), and an Associate’s Degree from Lansing Community College in GIS (1993).

Learn More About MiCAMP:

MiCAMP’s main focus each year is the annual GIS conference each fall. The conference is 3 days in mid-September and provides a forum for user-driven, grassroots presentations on how others are utilizing GIS technology. Individual MiCAMP Board Members are fairly active in the geo-spatial community through their respective professions. MiCAMP has also tried to engage its members throughout the year by sponsoring user-group meetings, holding webinars, and new to 2021 is providing monthly “podcasts” where Board members interview those in the geospatial community. MiCAMP, as an organization, also works closely with the State of Michigan’s Department of Technology, Management, and Budget (DTMB) on various Statewide GIS projects and initiatives such as the MiSAIL program and the new State of Michigan Framework project.

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