MN GIS LIS Consortium

MN GIS LIS Consortium

OUR MISSION: To develop and support the GIS professional in Minnesota for the benefit of our state and its citizens. The Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium got its start in 1988 as one of the nation’s first forums to communicate and share information among the growing community of environmental and natural resource geographic information system users and data producers in Minnesota. Initially, the group was named “Minnesota Natural Resource Geographic Information Systems (NRGIS) Consortium. In 1990, the Steering Committee unanimously adopted to change the group’s name to the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium and the first state-wide conference was held. In 1992, the Consortium incorporated as a state and federally-recognized non-profit run by a Board of Directors elected by the members, thus creating the basic structure of the Consortium that still exists today.

MN GIS LIS Representative:

Andy King-Scribbins | Private Sector Representative on the GIS/LIS Board, and Professional Development Committee Chair

Megan Sisko | Professional Development Committee Co-Chair

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Professional Development Opportunities

A number of events and opportunities for networking and career advancement are organized by the Professional Development Committee each year.  Events will be advertised in e-announcements and on the consortium website calendar and news feed.

Ongoing activities include:

  • The Mentorship Program
    • An opportunity for mentees to pursue career navigation, exploration and/or advancement via guidance from established GIS professionals.
    • Interested in being a mentor or mentee? Sign up using the Mentorship Program Survey ( and check out the Mentorship Program Guide.
  • Resume Reviews
    • If you’re not interested in the mentor program, but you would like to review resumes, or have your resume reviewed, please complete this survey.

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding Consortium-sponsored professional development activities, please contact the Professional Development Committee at

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