State Cartographer’s Office

State Cartographer’s Office

OUR MISSION is to foster the development of Wisconsin’s geospatial community by facilitating the creation and exchange of geospatial data, services, and information, and promoting their use in support of education, innovation, and delivery of services to the state’s citizens.

SCO Representatives:

Genevieve Burgess | Research Specialist – GIS

Genevieve graduated in 2017 with a BS in GIS and Cartography with a
certificate in Environmental Sciences. Prior to joining the SCO Staff,
Genevieve worked as a GIS Technician on several projects for the Wisconsin
Department of Transportation and Wisconsin State Patrol. While a student at the UW, Genevieve worked as a student research assistant at UW Madison’s Space Science and Engineering Center. She enjoys reading, sewing, and exploring the many natural wonders around Wisconsin.

Ann Buschhaus | Associate Researcher

Ann joined the SCO in July 2020 to work with the Wisconsin Coastal Management Data Infrastructure Project. After years as a water resources engineer Ann now works with GIS, most recently at the Bureau of Land Management. She has a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s in
engineering. Ann enjoys logic puzzles, fixing things, making things, and being outside.

Hayden Elza | Information Processing Consultant

Hayden conducts research, development, and support of new geospatial
technologies, as well as project coordination and technical support for the
SCO Student Lab and Statewide PLSS dataset. Hayden previously worked on
the pilot statewide PLSS dataset and the NOAA-funded project of special
merit. Before SCO Hayden worked in the Forest Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology Lab at the UW-Madison with David Mladenoff. There he managed a database containing 374,000 bearing tree records from the original Wisconsin GLO survey. He has also worked on GIS and web mapping projects for David Hart in the Sea Grant Institute.

Hayden has a BS in Forest Science from UW-Madison and a GIS Capstone Certificate from UW-Madison Geography. His interests include: free and open source GIS, open data, spatial databases, spatial web tools, and drones.

Thomas Kazmierczak | Research Specialist – GIS

Thomas joined the SCO in August 2020 to work on the statewide parcel layer
and the statewide PLSS layer. Prior to joining the SCO he worked for almost
ten years at Northern Illinois University’s Center for Governmental Studies as a Research Associate. His background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in
Geographic Information Science from Michigan State University and a
Master’s in Geography from Northern Illinois University. When not working, Thomas enjoys military history, miniature gaming and American Football (although he is not and will never be a Packers fan).

Melanie Kohls | Outreach Specialist

Melanie Kohls is a recent graduate of the Accelerated Masters Program in GIS & Cartography at the University of Wisconsin. Melanie has been on and around UW-Madison campus since 2012, earning her Bachelor’s in Zoology and Environmental Studies before continuing on to the GIS professional
curriculum. While a student, she assisted researchers and PhD candidates at the Center for Limnology on projects ranging from surveys of Wisconsin dams to processing samples of fish from Hawaiian streams. More recently, Melanie has worked as a GIS analyst & technician for The Nature Conservancy and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

She loves how many applications there are for GIS, and enjoys finding new uses for maps. When she’s not working, Melanie is usually running around Madison with her camera, and occasionally hiking in any state that has mountains. Her cartographic work and CV can be found at

Jim Lacy | Associate State Cartographer

Jim Lacy joined the SCO in 2004 as the Associate State Cartographer. He
provides technical and managerial leadership for projects in our office, and
frequently answers public inquiries on GIS, mapping, and technology topics. In addition, he serves as the primary coach for our student staff members, and working with them to build real-world skills for the future.
Jim supports a wide range of geospatial organizations through active
leadership and service. Jim was a Board Member and Treasurer of the
American Society for Photogrammetry (ASPRS) Western Great Lakes Region
from 2011-2017, and the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) from 2013-2019. He has also served on several committees of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC), including a stint as the NSGIC representative to the National Digital Orthophoto Programs (NDOP) steering committee.

Jim has a B.S. in Geography and Information/Computing Science from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and a M.S in Cartography and GIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to joining the SCO, he worked for the University of Nebraska (1995-2002), and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (2002-2004). Jim also worked as a graduate project assistant for the SCO in the early 1990’s.

Howard Veregin | State Cartographer

Howard was appointed State Cartographer in September, 2009. His previous
positions include Director of Geographic Information Services at Rand
McNally, Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and Assistant Professor of Geography at Kent State University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California-Santa Barbara in 1991. Howard’s interests include print and Web cartography, data development and GIS-based analysis and processing, and emerging applications of geospatial technology.

David Vogel | Senior Research Specialist – GIS

David joined the SCO in December 2012 to work on cartographic projects and web applications. He received his BS in Forest Management and Conservation Biology from UW-Stevens Point in May 2008 and completed the GIS Certificate Program in 2014. He enjoys camping, fishing, and spending time in the great outdoors of Wisconsin.

Ana Wells | Research Specialist – GIS

Ana joined the SCO in April of 2018. She works with the SCO team
developing statewide parcel and Public Land Survey System GIS
databases for the state of Wisconsin, and training geospatial
professionals in the use of LiDAR technology. Before joining the SCO,
she has worked as research assistant for the Urban and Regional
Planning Department and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies,
as well as teaching assistant for the Soils Department. She has a Ph.D.
in Soil Science and a Graduate Certificate in GIS from the University of
Wisconsin-Madison. She likes cooking, gardening and greatly enjoys
spending time in the beautiful prairies of Wisconsin.

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