Seiler Instrument Geospatial, Gold Sponsor

Seiler Instrument Geospatial, Gold Sponsor

We are a focused and caring team of professionals dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our Geospatial partners. We make the world a better place for our families, partners, communities and country by delivering excellence in service and technology of the highest standard.

Seiler Instrument Geospatial Representatives:

Gale Shea

Gale is a graduate of the Geography/GIS program at UW-Madison and a GISP. A self-proclaimed “map-geek,” Gale has worked in the geospatial field for both public and private organizations since the late ‘80’s. She is currently a Mapping Rep at Seiler Instrument, the local Wisconsin Trimble dealer. In her position she provides industry-leading GNSS mapping solutions on a daily basis to hard-working GIS colleagues across all sectors in Wisconsin.

Jay Riester

Jay is a Certified Trimble Mapping Trainer and has a Geography degree from UW-Oshkosh, WI. He has worked in the GPS/GIS data collection and Mobile Imagery industry for 24 years. Since 2007, Jay has worked for Seiler Instrument as a Senior Mapping Support Technician providing to customers GNSS field solutions and technical support for both Trimble and Esri field applications. Jay is also a GeoMentor thru American Association of Geographers and Esri.

Travis LeMoine

Travis is the Director of Seiler GeoDrones and has been with Seiler Instrument since June of 2009. He focuses his efforts on high-efficiency, high-precision data collection by various tools, such as UAVs, mobile LiDAR, and GNSS. Travis has been involved in the mapping & survey‐ grade GPS/GNSS industries, as well as optical positioning since 2004 and was the first of our ten certificated commercial drone pilots. Prior to his time with Seiler, he worked for another hardware/software distributor and manufacturer as well as privately consulted in geospatial positioning. Travis received his BS from the University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign.

Larry Heavner

Larry started his career in 1983, after graduating from Bradley University with a mechanical engineering degree. Immediately putting his education to work, Larry worked for various aerospace companies supporting defense and commercial programs. His natural curiosity lead Larry to take on latest-technology projects. Larry was part of a team that implemented one of the first solid modelers within his corporate engineering department.

Following his passion Larry soon found himself working for CAD start-up Autodesk. Larry rose to various manager roles within Autodesk.  He assisted their largest customers by helping them transition to affordable and deployable toolsets. Larry worked in program management to deliver break-through software products. Finding a home where he is and was most useful, he choose to stay with customers and work with them to overcome their business challenges.

Larry loves to use his talent for technical solutions to help customers improve their productivity and process.  He specializes in providing workflow solutions that enable data driven decisions, and hardware, software and services for today’s mapping geospatial professionals. Larry loves to work with GIS professionals and has found a way to serve his engineering curiosity, and, maybe, help change the world.

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