At Symbiont, we plan, design, and construct engineered solutions that bring you value, advance your operations, and protect the natural environment. We utilize innovative engineering technologies, such as GIS, that optimize environmental and sustainability goals to enhance our communities and our world.

Our team of specialized engineers and other professionals solve issues related to aging infrastructure, provide better insight for addressing your needs, and improve your operations.

Geospatial technology creates new efficiencies and enhancements for municipalities. We collaborate with the different levels of your staff listen to your needs and help you envision how GIS technology can transform inefficiencies.

Symbiont partners with you to develop new approaches and essential, smarter government initiatives.

Symbiont Representatives:

Ryan Dudley| Director of Business Development

Ryan Eckdale-Dudley, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Discipline Manager at Symbiont, is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) with more than 20 years of experience strategizing and deploying impactful GIS solutions.

He uses GIS as not just a map, but as a transformative technology – a collection of people, data, and tools — that empowers clients to better manage their information and make data-driven decisions that result in optimal outcomes.

Ryan provides powerful results based on extensive experience working in the public sector with organizations looking to use technology to improve outdated, inefficient practices. He identifies opportunities to leverage GIS technology, helps you where your specific needs intersect Symbiont’s expertise, advocates to create solutions, and supports smarter-government initiatives that run successful cities.

Kyle Engelking | GIS Specialist

Kyle Engelking, GIS Specialist at Symbiont, designs and maintains complex data management systems. He works on asset-management projects and customizes enterprise geodatabases that municipal and industrial clients use to easily update and manage utility asset information. Kyle’s GIS and urban planning expertise assists in the implementation of U.S. EPA Assessment and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Site Assessment Grant initiatives that protect the environment and supports operations.

Alex Sukupcak | GIS Specialist

Alex Sukupcak, GIS Specialist at Symbiont, develops Esri ArcGIS-based web applications used by municipalities to maintain efficient utility and asset management programs. Clients use the Collector for ArcGIS applications he designs for water utility, sanitary sewer, and storm water inspections and inventories. He incorporates client feedback to enhance the user’s experience – through digitization of georeferenced as-built drawings and AutoCAD files of water and sanitary sewer networks, as well as managing network datasets, geometric networks, and analysis. Alex provides cities with the tools they need to be successful. 

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