UW Applied Population Lab

UW Applied Population Lab

The Applied Population Laboratory is a small research and outreach center in the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology, UW-Madison.  Over the last five decades, our mission has been to translate social and economic data into accessible and useful information for researchers and data users nationally, with a particular focus on citizens and communities in Wisconsin.  The APL is also a State Data Center in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau where we provide outreach and education about census data, programs, and products. We lean heavily on Geographic Information Systems, spatial analytic methods, and online mapping systems to help support a better understanding of the social world and to enhance decision making for state agencies, local governments, and community-based organizations.

UW APL Representatives:

David Long | Spatial Data Analyst

David is a spatial data analyst who provides research and analytic support to APL. He contributes expertise on a range of tools focusing on spatial data visualization and spatial data analysis. Long has also contributed to numerous APL reports focused on demographic change in Wisconsin. His recent work centers on web-based tools for making local social and economic indicators accessible to a broader audience.

Dan Veroff | Demographic Specialist

Dan is a UW Extension Demographic Specialist. He has been with the Applied Population Laboratory since March 1998. Veroff provides demographic data and analysis to University of Wisconsin Division of Extension’s network of area-based educators and state specialists and conducts applied demographic research to support their planning and programming efforts in Wisconsin counties and communities. He has also served several terms on the national steering committee for the State Data Center network.

Sarah Kemp | Researcher

Sarah has been a researcher with the Applied Population Laboratory since 2003. Her research has focused primarily on enrollment projections modeling. Kemp has worked with more than ninety school districts projecting student enrollments and evaluating the impact of boundary changes and housing on enrollment. Her past and present research includes examining rural school issues, redistricting, comprehensive planning, and demographic change in inner-ring suburbs.

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