Conference Highlight: Have You Resolved to Kick it Up?

Do you make New Year resolutions? I don’t. Who needs the pressure. But it is a good time to rexamine goals nonethless. If your goal is to shake off the cobwebs and kick your skills up a notch then the WLIA Annual Conference has what you’re looking for!

Our Workshop Day includes a visit from Jami Dennis of Geodetic Analysis, who delivered a really great presenation during the Fall Virtual Meeting about how to get your work noticed and to communicate your ideas effectively. Join her again on Monday, February 13th at 9 am for a three hour workshop entitled “Build it Better: Become a Data Viz Wiz”. We’ve all got great data and ideas, but to make it really shine, it needs a good wrapper and clear presentation. Jami will show you how to do just that in a three-part exploration of the nuts and bolts of good design.

If better maps are your goal, our own WLIA Board Member Colter Sikora is presenting an interactive workshop later that day at 1 pm. “A Cartographic Carnival – Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Tales to Make Better Maps” promises to examine methods to bring your work to life quickly and methodically. Who doesn’t want to learn a few shortcuts to put in the old mapping toolbox? Bring your own examples to share and be part of the discussion!

The next day, get even more ideas for ramping up your work during the Cartography and Web Maps track, held Tuesday, February 16th, from 1-4 pm. Jon Hodel of Cloudpoint Geographics will open the door to ArcGIS Indoors, including importing that old CAD data you have laying around and making it sing!

Next, Paul Braun of Contintental Mapping Consultants will tell you how to Make Maps that Matter. Paul will walk us through the tools available to create high-end cartographic products that shine a light on the data that could help make better decisions!

Is a search and rescue app on your list for 2021? Alex Howlett of Avenza will show you how they do it in remote areas, higlighting maps and apps that bring spatial awareness, location tracking, and other capabilities out in the field where it’s needed most.

Finally, how about learning a new platform altogether? Hayden Elza from the WI State Cartographer’s Office will show us how quickly a map in Leaflet can be achieved, and then build on that with a few more tricks, and then maybe even a few more to make it really great!

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