All Work and No Play? We Can Fix That.

We’ve got plenty of tomfoolery and shenanigans in the works for the upcoming Annual Conference to fight off the winter blues. Break up your day of coding and publishing services and looking over budgets by joining in on some of these activities that the Annual Conference Committee have in store!

The daily scavenger hunts will provide ample opportunity to network with exhibitors and win daily prizes! On Tuesday night, a low-key competition to show how we’re all spending our evenings – show off your selfie talents and a prize might be yours! Both activities will be facilited by the WLIA Slack workspace.

On Thursday at 6 pm, our friend Frank Conkling at Panda Consulting has graciously offered to help host an epic Trivia Night. It’s a team event, so you can lean on each other for support for those random pieces of knowledge we all have locked in the depths of our brains. Make your all-star team beforehand or take your chances and get teamed up on the fly that night with a potential dark horse!

As always, stay tuned for final details. Join the WLIA Slack space with this link if you haven’t already. Read the encyclopedia for trivia night. Take your vitamins.

Check out the 2021 Annual Conference Preliminary Program!

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