SURPRISE! – Hand-Drawn Map Contest Opens to All!


The WLIA Map Contest Committee is pleased to announce the opening of a new Hand-Drawn Map Category in this year’s Map Contest!

This new category allows you to share your geographic knowledge, creative ideas, and artistic abilities without having to power-up your mapping software! Follow the guidelines below and submit your map before the February 8th deadline. Feel free to share this with your colleagues or map-curious friends and encourage them to get their ideas on paper!

Theme: A Heart for Your Home(town) – Focus your map on this concept, how so is up to you! A sample map is available, but feel free to broaden or better-focus your horizons!

Eligible Map-Making Materials: Paper (any size), and any drawing instruments that you have!

To Submit Your Map: Take a photo or scan your completed map, and submit the image file as a Map Contest entry on the Map Contest Registration page.

Prizes!: In addition to the usual ribbons, the winner of this category will receive a copy of How to Make Hand-Drawn Maps! I may be biased, but I have this book and I think it rocks!

Questions?: If you have any questions about this new category, please contact Colter Sikora at If additional information needs to be shared for the good of the Contest, they will be posted at the end of this article

Map Credits:
Top: Colter Sikora, Chippewa’s Crescent
Bottom: Donna Genzmer, Sweet n’ Sour Wisconsin

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