Social Event Highlight – Photo Contest!

This year, we have multiple online social events to help you connect with your fellow WLIA members!

It’s Your Night – So Share it with Us

Tuesday, Feb. 16th

How to Play:

  1. Share a photo of a fun way you have spent your evening (on Tuesday after the conference) and upload a photo to the Photo Contest Slack channel by Wednesday at noon. Examples: taking a stroll selfie, snapping a pic of your pet, photos of a sunset, baking, cooking, family night, building a snowman, etc.
  2. A few members of the WLIA Social Committee will be judging and the winners will be announced on Thursday.
  3. There will be 3 winners based on 3 different criteria:
  • Most creative
  • Beautiful
  • Cutest fur friends

Prizes will be shipped directly to the winners!

Prize donations sponsored by:  Transcendent Technologies (TTech), Heartland Business Systems & MSB Online Payment Providers

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