Social Event Highlight – Scavenger Hunt!

This year, we have multiple online social events to help you connect with your fellow WLIA members!

Scavenger Hunt

Monday, Feb. 15th – Thursday, Feb. 18th

How to Play:

  1. There is a themed hunt Monday through Thursday of the conference event for four total scavenger hunts: Beer and Cheese, Supper Clubs, Exhibitor and Conference Locations, and Weird Wisco.
  1. Multiple prizes will be awarded to the top clue finders each day. A grand prize will be awarded on Friday for the individual(s) who found the most clues for all four scavenger hunts.
  1. Clues will be released daily and as follows: 
    • Monday: Clues will be released using the WLIA “Scavenger Hunt” Slack Channel. Clues will be released throughout the day on the hour at 9am, 11am, 1pm & 3pm. Join the conversation at: WLIA Slack – Scavenger Hunt.
    • Tuesday – Thursday: Preliminary clues will be released in Slack throughout the morning beginning at 9 am. To obtain additional clues, you must visit the Exhibitor Hall in Remo beginning at 11 am. Each vendor will have a unique clue. The more vendors you visit, the more clues you will get, and the more locations you can find.
  1. Use the WLIA Scavenger Hunt Story Map and Survey123.  
    • Decipher the clues to find the correct location on the map.  There will be a medallion with a unique 6-digit code.  
    • There are 40 – 50 total locations for each scavenger hunt. Each hunt will have its own Survey123 app to enter the answers. The link will be provided within the Story Map the day of the hunt. You might want to grab some scratch paper or open a spreadsheet to keep track of your clue numbers and codes until you are ready to enter all of them at once.
    • The previous day’s answers will be released within the Story Map for all those curious minds to view.
  1. Answers for each day must be entered into Survey123 no later than 5 pm. Prizes will be awarded the next morning during the welcome slides and also announced on Slack.
  1. Be ready to bookmark some URL’s because you might just pick up some new travel locations along the way!

We have many exciting prizes, which will be shipped directly to the winners!

Hunt Descriptions:


Yep. We went there. We are in Wisconsin after all, and what’s more classic to kick off a Wisconsin themed scavenger hunt, than beer and cheese? This hunt focuses on breweries and cheese factories. To be honest, we probably could have tripled the number of clues for this category, but instead we picked a nice dispersal across the State. Pay attention to the wording in these clues to get you pointed in the right direction!


Fish fries, prime rib, relish trays and old fashioneds. Doesn’t that sound good? We are getting hungry just writing this. You will be sure to work up an appetite too as you make your way through some of these clues for Wisconsin’s famous and iconic supper clubs.


These clues are all centered on the exhibitors at this conference and past conference locations. As with all of the other hunt categories, some clues are easier than others. Have fun exploring the exhibit hall and visiting each vendor to get your clues. 


For the final hunt of the week, we bring you all things “weird” or unique about Wisconsin. This category varies greatly with some clues that are pretty easy, and several that will be very challenging. But you should be pros now, right?! From strange museums, paranormal activity, unique finds and funky restaurants, you are certain to have a lot of fun deciphering these clues.

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