Social Event Highlight – Trivia Night!

This year, we have multiple online social events to help you connect with your fellow WLIA members!

Trivia Night

Thursday, Feb. 18th | 6 PM CST

How to Play:

  1. Teams may have a maximum of 6 players.
  2. No outside help (internet, phone, etc.) of any kind, including during breaks!  If you are caught, your team will be disqualified.
  3. The game is comprised of 7 rounds of 10 questions—each round is worth 20 points unless otherwise noted.  At the end of each round, teams will submit answers to be graded.  After 7 rounds, there will be a FINAL TRIVIA round where each team may wager up to 20 points on a single question.
  4. Before the game begins, each team must pick one BONUS category (excluding the Final Trivia round) for which they will be awarded double points.
  5. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker question will decide the winner.  In the unlikely event that the tied teams each answer the question correctly (closest), the winner shall be the team which hands the correct answer to the Quizmaster the quickest.
  6. The Quizmaster has final say on all rule interpretations and disputes.


  1. General Knowledge
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. WLIA Trivia
  4. Picture Round – Beer Labels
  5. Audio Round – Songs with “Dream” in the Title
  6. GIS Trivia
  7. Wisconsin Cheese trivia
  8. Final Trivia Round


  • 1st Place – $75 Amazon Card
  • 2nd Place – $50 Amazon Card
  • 3rd Place – $25 Amazon Card

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