Conference Highlight: Enterprise & Emerging Tech

We’re less than two weeks away from our virtual WLIA Annual Conference. A week-long event means there are a LOT of workshops and sessions from which to choose.

Beyond networking with fellow land information folks, I personally attend WLIA conferences to learn how to do my job better and more efficiently. There are few things I enjoy more in life than discovering ways to streamline a process! This is why you’ll find me in the Extending the ArcGIS Platform with Arcade Expression Language & ArcGIS Pro Tasks workshop on Monday morning. I’ve managed to figure out ArcGIS dashboards in the last year and have Googled my way to useful Arcade expressions for displaying digital equity and broadband access data. I’m looking forward to learning how else I can utilize the language in my work. In addition, I’m excited to hear more about ArcGIS Pro Tasks and how they differ from models in Model Builder (which I’m still learning to utilize).

GIS has countless applications in the world and I’m always happy to see it being utilized to support and uplift people and to help communities reach their goals and prepare for the future. While Wednesday’s track entitled Enterprise & Emerging Tech doesn’t allude to it in name, a majority of its sessions focus on ways that Wisconsin is (or can be) modernizing and ensuring that everyone is moving confidently forward, together. The track’s second session, led by Paul Braun from Continental Mapping Consultants, will provide attendees with practical applications in environmental resiliency; drawing connections between challenges faced by a coastal community in Texas to communities along the ~1,000 miles of coastlines in Wisconsin.

With last year’s national awakening to institutional racism, Esri is helping its customers leverage GIS to advance racial equity work more than ever before. Esri’s Clinton Johnson will present on ways that local, state, and regional governments can “build a more equitable and just world” using GIS. Given that Wisconsin continues to be among the worst states in racial disparity indicators, there’s a lot of potential for improvement if we all do our part to ensure equitable opportunity for our citizens. We are very excited for this session!

The last session of the afternoon in this track will focus on the City of Racine’s RENTS housing initiative. Megan Dudzik (City of Racine) and Kyle Wikstrom (Pro-West & Associates) will share how they are utilizing ArcGIS Online and Hub to provide information to the public on available resources, services, and ways that the city is working to improve rental housing conditions which they hope will improve the quality of life for all residents and still allow for economic growth.

If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? Find the right workshop(s) and sessions for you, get yourself registered, and we’ll see you soon!

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