Not Map Cookies, but Prizes! – 2021 Map Gallery Opens!

Quick Link: 2021 WLIA Map Gallery!

In preparation for the 2021 WLIA Annual Conference and to encourage you to submit your maps, the WLIA Map Gallery launches today! Check out the maps over the next couple weeks as new maps are loaded into the Gallery.

Almost everything is different about this year’s Conference, but this is also an opportunity for the Map Contest to try some new things! So check these out:

Sponsors! – We are thrilled to partner with Reukert & Mielke and Syncarto in making the Map Contest bigger than before! Their sponsorships and time contributions are helping the Map Contest maintain itself and purchase prizes for Contest winners.


Yes! Prizes! The Map Contest Committee Chairs are selecting a range of Cartography-focused books for category winners to select as a prize to go with their ribbons this year. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

AND SUBMIT YOUR MAPS! (We’ll get the map cookies back next year!)

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