Virtual Spring Meeting Series – Week 2

Be sure to join us during Week 2 which kicks off with an afternoon session on Tuesday, May 18th.  Join us at 1PM to hear from Juliana McMillan-Wilhoit, Principal of Tabulae Spatial Services, as she presents, Map Your Future through an Updated Portfolio.  Juliana’s presentation asks and answers the following question.  How do you communicate the value that you bring to the table, both within your organization, or in the job hunt?  One great way to do this is through a portfolio which is a collection of visual evidence that demonstrates your skills and abilities. This workshop will discuss what a portfolio is, why you need a portfolio, and provide tips on creating one.  If you are planning to seek employment soon this presentation will be very helpful to you.

Later that afternoon we will hear from Jeff Ledbetter from DATAMARK of Michael Baker International.  Jeff will talk about understanding your needs and educating stakeholders and decision makers on needs.  Jeff suggests you need ask for the support you need and be honest when telling your GIS data story in Tell Your Data Story: The Evolution of the GIS Professional.

Join us again on Thursday May 20th for more great presentation.  Our first presentation beginning shortly after 1 PM is Intro to FME and How it’s Used in Our Child Abduction Response TeamMatt Lenox, GIS Administrator, City of Oshkosh will explain how he uses Feature Manipulation Engine or FME for daily automation tasks.  Next he will showcase how FME is used by their Child Abduction Response Team (CART).  Specifically Matt will show how FME is connected to their Leads Tracker application map on ArcGIS Online and a dashboard in the command center.  FME provided them a way to bridge the gap between the two applications in near real time.  This allows the CART team to rapidly deploy concentrated search and rescue resources and keeps everyone on the same page.

Next, Jordan Miller of ESRI will take a closer look at ArcGIS Field Maps.  They will start with the basics then get into details of new capabilities.  The second half will be an exercise in configuring projects for the field and reviewing several key considerations when performing project configurations.

Be sure to join us for these presentations and more during our Spring Virtual Meeting.

If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?  Students don’t forget that this is free if you sign up for a free membership! Register through Eventsquid and remember to renew your membership if you haven’t already. Detailed daily agendas can be found here.

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