WLIA Virtual Spring Meeting Free to Students in 2021

The Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) has decided to allow students to attend our Spring Virtual Meeting for free!  All students have to do is sign up to be a member of the WLIA.  There are many great reasons to be a student member of the WLIA.  Networking with peers and prospective employers, learning GIS skills in workshops, and being enlightened and inspired by great keynote speakers, are but just a few reasons that students should become members.  The most surprising thing about a student membership in the WLIA is perhaps that it is also free!

Become a member of the WLIA today!

I also would like to take this time to remind students that the due date for the Damon Anderson Memorial Scholarship Applications is Friday June 11, 2021.  Two letters of recommendation are required to support the applicant’s efforts.  For more information and a complete set of details click on the link provided below.

Apply for the Damon Anderson Memorial Scholarship!

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